Using An Adjustable Closet Rod To Hang Clothing

An adjustable closet rod can make some much needed space available for hanging your clothes in your closet. These easy-to-install hanging rods attach to walls using four screws and fit spaces up to 150 inches. Take the following suggestions into consideration when buying and using an adjustable rod.

Buy Longer Rods for Larger Spaces

Adjustable closet rods have a rod that fits inside a slightly larger-diameter tube. The two pieces slide apart to fit the width of the space. At their shortest, adjustable closet rods are as stable as a solid rod. The further apart they slide, the weaker the rod becomes, even if the material itself is sturdy.

Longer adjustable rods are more expensive, but the less you have to expand them, the more stable they are. If you are trying to fit a closet rod in a 72 inch space, an adjustable rod with a range of 72 to 120 inches will be more stable than one with a range of 48 to 72 inches, since the longer one will not be expanded as far in the final installation.

Mount into a Sturdy Surface

Adjustable closet rods can mount anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they should be mounted in unstable or weak places. For example, If the rod is mounted into drywall, the weight may pull it out which will damage the wall and possibly the clothes as well.

The best place to mount closet rods are on the studs of the closet wall. If the spot you have in mind doesn’t have a wall stud, attach a length of 2x4 lumber to the wall, using long wood screws to attach the wood to the two studs adjacent to the proposed mounting area. Paint the wood to match the wall and attach the closet rod to the 2x4.

Use Central Supports For Longer Rods

Closet rods spanning spaces up to about 72 inches can mount with just the screws and mounting hardware at each end. Longer spans may require a central support to keep the closet rod from sagging or bowing. If the central support is necessary, it will be included with the kit.

Get the Most Out of Your Closet Rod

Adjustable closet rods can mount in any space with parallel walls. For extra space hanging shirts or trousers in a clothes closet, mount one three feet above the floor under an existing closet rod. An adjustable closet rod can turn an under-stair storage space into a coat closet. For a full-length closet, arrange the closet rod at a convenient height, usually between five and six feet from the floor.