Using an Air Conditioner Sleeve

An air conditioner outside.
What You'll Need
Air conditioner sleeve
Air conditioning unit made to fit your sleeve

The air conditioner has become a normal part of everyday human life, especially in hotter climates where the heat can become almost unbearable. An air conditioner sleeve is basically a cover for an in-wall air conditioning unit to keep the air conditioner in place and to help protect it from things such as dust, bugs and other debris that could get sucked into the air conditioner. They also greatly help bear the weight of the air conditioning unit so it securely stays exactly where it belongs, even after years of use.

Step 1 - Insert the Sleeve

First, you will want to make sure your air conditioning sleeve and air conditioning unit are compatible with each other. Assuming you have already got the hole in your wall where you want your unit installed, place the sleeve inside the hole with the open side of the sleeve on the inside of the wall, facing the same direction you want the front of your air conditioner to face. If your air conditioning sleeve came equipped with a back panel, now is the time to remove it. Drill one side of the sleeve into the wall. Once you have done this use your level to align the other side of your air conditioning sleeve before drilling it into the wall. You should have premade holes in your air conditioning sleeve, use those instead of drilling your own holes whenever you can to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Place your air conditioning unit inside the sleeve slowly and gently, securing it into place using the shims.

Step 2 - Caulk the Air Conditioner Sleeve

Once the air conditioning sleeve is firmly installed into the wall you will need to caulk around the edge where the wall meets the sleeve on both the inside and outside of the house. Before doing this you should double check to make sure everything is level. Adding the caulking will add extra support and make sure there is a good seal between the sleeve and the wall it is installed in.

Step 3 - Install the Air Conditioner

Once the caulk has completely dried you are ready to move on to this step. Now you need to drill the air conditioning unit into the sleeve firmly using the pre-drilled holes in both the sleeve and the air conditioning unit. Check to make sure both the air conditioning sleeve and the air conditioner itself are still level. Once this is complete do not forget to follow any further instructions to finish the actual installation of the air conditioner.

Now that you have read this guide you should better understand how to install an air conditioning sleeve exactly as it is intended to be installed. Remember that it is wise to make sure everything remains level during every step of the process to ensure correct installation.