Using an Air Conditioner/Heater Control Display

Air condition heater control displays help us to easily switch our air conditioning and heating units on, change the temperature and a whole plethora of other options, depending on the model. This short guide will go over some of the basic features of the control display and how to use them.

The Basics

The on/off button or switch will turn your air conditioning unit on and off. Another basic function is the temperature up and temperature down buttons, which are sometimes in the form of a dial. After pushing them to your desired temperature there’s usually a “set” button or something similar, press that once you find your ideal temperature to set your air conditioner to your desire coolness. If you have a dial control you probably won’t have a “set” button.

More Advanced Features

Some units come with a delay control which will allow you to set your air conditioner or heater to go on by itself at a specific time. Some units also come equipped with a thermometer to tell you what the temperature actually is in order for you to make a more informed decision when setting your air conditioner or heater.