Using an Insulation Removal Vacuum Correctly Using an Insulation Removal Vacuum Correctly

What You'll Need
Insulation Removal Vacuum
Hole Cutter

Insulation Removal will be an issue if your insulation is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. Over time moisture can damage insulation and mean that replacing it is the only option.

As there are so many different types of insulation, the removal process is different; this article looks at removing loose-fill blown-in insulation using a vacuum.

Step 1 - Cutting Holes

Holes need to be cut into the wall carefully so that it's possible to access the cavity and the insulation inside. Make sure that you don't cut any wires or pipes by mistake when doing this.

Step 2 - Reading the Manual

Every insulation removal vacuum is different so you need to read the manual from the rental company to work out how to use yours.

Step 3 - Removing the Insulation

Place the nozzle of the vacuum into the hole and turn the machine on. This will start to suck the loose fill insulation out of the wall. After a while move the nozzle around so that you can remove as much of the insulation as possible. This is more difficult than it sounds however with time you should be able to remove all of the insulation.

Once the insulation is removed it can then be replaced with new insulation which is either a better insulator or in better condition.

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