Using an Invisible Fence to Keep Rabbits Out

Keeping rabbits out of your yard and away from your flowers or vegetable garden can be difficult, especially if you cannot or don't want to put up a fence. However, by putting up an "invisible fence" you will be able to enjoy your flowers while you protect them from rabbits and some other small creatures around your garden.

Step One: Planting

Plant your flowers in the area you desire them to grow. Make sure they are getting the right amount of sun, water and other nutrients that will allow them to grow.

Nearby your flowers, plant or transplant cuttings of a garlic mustard plant. This will slowly spread around your flowers, but you will be able to trim them back from time to time.

Step Two: Allow the Plants to Grow

Allow the plants to grow together. The garlicky smell of the garlic mustard wildflowers will repel the rabbits, as they do not enjoy eating the plants, and they will go somewhere else to eat.

Alternate Plan:

If you do not live in an area where garlic mustard can grow, or if the process does not work for your garden, purchase a product called "Liquid Fence" at your local lawn and garden store. Spray the substance on your flowers and soil for 2 to 3 days, and then remember to spray it again every couple of weeks or after a heavy rain.

In the same way as the garlic mustard plants, the smell of the product will repel your rabbits.

Protecting your garden with one of these methods will allow your flowers and plants to grow without being consumed by rabbits.