Using an Old Aquarium Tank for a Herb Garden

Using an old aquarium tank for an herb garden can be a very creative way of reusing and recycling something that would have been thrown away. An old aquarium is the perfect vessel for planting herbs or small vegetables.

Reasons for Using an Old Tank

Recycling is the best reason but also, the glass used is a perfect greenhouse for growing herbs. It can be placed on a window sill if no garden or yard is available, or simply placed on a kitchen shelf where the herbs can be used while they grow. It is a perfect small vessel for planting smaller herbs like chives, mint, chervil, or rosemary. Any other small herb will grow just as well, as long as the space is not too cramped.

Insulation During the Cold Spells

The tank is also a good insulator to protect the herbs from the weather if you leave it outside. Most aquarium tanks have lids which can be used to cover the herbs in the winter and protect them from frost and wildlife damage. The lid can easily be removed for watering the plants and then replaced so that the sunlight can penetrate the glass and warm the plants.