Using Aquariums as Living Wall Art

For the ultimate in unique wall art, install a wall mounted aquarium.  A wall mounted aquarium is living wall art that creates stunning visual impact.  When considering a living wall art aquarium, think about the factors below before jumping in head first.

Wall Structure

The first thing to think about when contemplating a wall mounted aquarium is whether the wall is appropriate for such an undertaking.  Older homes with plaster walls may not be good candidates for a recessed or mounted aquarium.  An aquarium, no matter how small, will have water weight when filled which will add to the overall stress on the wall itself.  Make sure that the wall is sturdy and properly constructed before attempting to hang a wall mounted aquarium of any size.


The location of the aquarium in the room and on the wall is also important.  Walls that receive significant amounts of direct sunlight or that are opposite a large window or frequently opened exterior door, would not be the best options for walls where a wall mounted aquarium would do well.  If there is too much sun an aquarium will grow algae faster and have a higher water temperature that may kill its occupants.  Opt for wall that does not get any direct sunlight, is away from drafts and breezes and is not prone to being bumped or shaken.  

When thinking about where on the wall to place the aquarium, think about where the eye naturally goes  when looking at a wall.  In most instances, the eye goes to things that are eye level or slightly lower.  Placing an aquarium low to the ground will enthrall children, but if an adult audience is typically in the room, a higher wall placement is recommended.  

Type of Aquarium

There are a couple of different types of wall aquariums.  Some hang on the outside of the wall and are truly wall mounted.  Others are recessed into the wall itself and absolutely require professional installation.  Even though wall mounted aquarium manufacturers suggest a professional installer for the novice do-it-yourself homeowner, with the help of a friend or relative, a competent homeowner can install it relatively easily.  

Size Matters

When thinking about the size of the aquarium, it is important to think about the types of fish that will be in it.  Purchase a large enough aquarium that all of the fish will have ample space to create their own territory.  An aquarium that is too small will be unhealthy, as will an aquarium that is too big.  Pick an aquarium that will be easy to maintain and a pleasure to look at.

Although some fish stores carry wall mounted aquariums, the majority of these specialty pieces are found online.  Search the Internet for fish superstores that are local and visit them for ideas and inspiration.  Choose an aquarium that fits the needs of the room and can be easily maintained.  Then install the living wall art for a pleasing and unique visual effect in the room.

Jessica Ackerman, writes for and offers aspiring home designers the opportunity to decorate with outdoor garden wall art or wine home decor.