Using Bedside Floating Shelves as Nightstands

Floating shelves can be wonderful indoor décor equipment which can help you to redecorate your bedroom as per your heart’s desire. These shelves are great in houses where there is a lack of space.

Using Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be made of any material and fits very easily on any surface, irrespective of the material or paint used. Since they hang on to the wall with the help of small screws, they give an idea to the onlooker that they are floating in the air.

Floating shelves can act as great nightstands in your bedroom. A bedroom where space is limited, glass floating shelves can be used to keep lamps, a bedside clock or some books. Alternatively you can also use floating shelves in the place your headboard and decorate it with candles to give your room a romantic appeal. Many people prefer to place photographs of themselves or their families on these shelves which can grab the attention of any person entering the room.

Floating shelves generally have a minimalistic look and looks good when they are placed at a proper distance from one another and is completely filled with photo frames or flower vases. In appropriate placing can ruin the entire look of your bedroom.

If you are trying to create a modern look in your bedroom, try using black floating shelves in your bedroom. When a black floating shelf is teamed up with long candle stick and silverwares, both of them can lend an uptown modern look to your entire room.

Floating shelves are considered as very suitable accessories for decorating a kid’s bedroom.  A floating shelf in a kid’s bedroom can be used to hold different trophies and trinkets which a child usually brings home from his school. It is a great option to decorate his room without consuming too much of wall space.

Experimenting with Floating Shelves

Apart from using floating shelves in a horizontal manner, you can experiment by putting up floating shelves of different size and patterns on your wall to create a theme. You can build a rectangle or any absurd shape and experiment with the look of your bedroom. Since floating shelves are easy to install and reinstall, the danger of any damage being caused to the walls is greatly reduced. You can create a themed bedroom with the help of floating shelves. Try putting up floating shelves made out of bamboo and decorate them with seashells to create a perfect sea beach theme.

Floating shelves are used in almost every house either for decorative purpose or to hold heavy objects like television sets or CD players. It helps to make your bedroom look bigger and gives it an airy feeling without making your room clumsy. Thier adaptability and low cost has made them a common home décor item all over the world.