Using Beveled Glass Clusters as House Art Using Beveled Glass Clusters as House Art

Beveled glass clusters are a beautiful and elegant way to spruce up your home interior and exterior. Beveled glass can come pre-assembled in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them very customizable as well as a unique and eye-catching decoration.

Ways to Install Beveled Glass

Beveled glass clusters add depth and sophistication to any home setting, attracting sunlight in a dazzling display of art. Use these glass forms in your front entryway or add them to your door panels, expressing your creativity and warmly greeting your guests as you welcome them into your home. They come in pre-packaged shapes such as star bevels, diamond bevels and even cross like bevels that can be hung in your sun room or displayed in your home windows for a burst of sunshine and style. Hand crafted, clustered bevel glass panels can be textured to look like granite or rippled like a watercolor painting to fit whatever decorating scheme you have in mind.

There are many books and online style guides you can refer to, to aid you in selecting the right beveled glass cluster to accentuate your home. These glass works of art add depth and beauty to any room of the house, and with all the customization options available, renewing your home look can be accomplished with ease. 

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