Using Brick Veneer: Fireplace Refacing the Easy Way Using Brick Veneer: Fireplace Refacing the Easy Way

A brick veneer fireplace will give you the look of natural brick but will take considerably less time and effort to install in your home.

Using Mortar

You’ll find the colors and styles of a brick veneer fireplace are very similar to the colors and styles available for full size brick fireplaces.  However, brick veneer is installed in a much different manner than full size brick.  Since most brick veneer is about a ½” thick they can be set in a thinset mortar, similar to ceramic wall tile in bathrooms.  Although this system is easier to install than regular brick, it is still just as messy.  You’ll need a wet saw and a mason's trowel to install this veneer as well as some previous experience working with masonry or tile.

Using Metal Tracks

Another alternative for installing brick veneer that is just as easy but not quite as messy involves using metal tracks.  These metal tracks are installed horizontally on the wall and the individual brick veneer pieces snap into the track.  This method is both easy and very clean since no mortar is required to hold the veneer in place.  It also requires less tools and experience since there is no mortar required to hold the veneer in place.

Whichever method you choose, you will be able to reface and redesign your fireplace quickly and without breaking your budget.


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