Using Caulking Guns

Caulking wooden skirting

Using a caulking gun can help even a novice do-it-yourself enthusiast get a professional finish.

Caulking Basics

To begin at the beginning, caulk is a wonderful substance that it the do-it-yourselfer’s best friend. It can be a sealant, grout or an adhesive – there is a variety of different caulk types on the market. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to establish whether the caulk you have chosen is the best for the job you have in hand.

Caulking Equipment

The first piece of caulking equipment you should use is a knife or a scraper to remove any old material from the substance you are about to deal with. If the surface is dirty, the caulk will not attach to it as well as it should.

Installing Tubes Into Guns

Now you are ready to load the caulking gun. First, cut off the tip at the end of the caulk tube. Next, slip the tube into the gun, making sure that the caulking gun has been fastened securely over the end of the tube.


The best approach to caulking is to take your time. Squeeze the trigger of the caulking gun very gently to let out the caulk slowly and carefully. This is an acquired skill and may take a few goes to perfect! It is always better to be too slow and have to go over the area again than to end up having to clean up drips. If you do make any drips, wipe them away as soon as possible with a damp cloth. It is imperative that you wipe drips away as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, you will be regretting your choice of such a quick setting sealant.

Saving Half-Used Bottles of Caulk

If the air gets to your sealant, it will go hard in the caulking gun. Accordingly, to preserve the caulk and save yourself the cost of replacing the tube, you need to find a way of making it airtight. Some do-it-yourselfers suggest putting a nail into the end of the tube. However, this is a recipe for a trip to the Emergency Room. What would be better would be to use a cotton bud or something less dangerous.

Looking After Your Caulking Gun

Clean the mechanism after every use, otherwise stray caulk will harden and impair the mobility of the parts of the gun. If the caulking gun is put back into the garage dirty, it might be unusable after a few weeks.

To keep the caulking gun in top condition, oil it as you would any other useful tool. Not only will this improve functionality, but it will also help to prevent any stray bits of caulk from attaching themselves to your gun.