Using Ceiling Fans Alongside a Room Air Conditioner

Ceiling fans are an efficient way to help spread the cool air generated by a room air conditioner. Not only does this method circulate the chilled air throughout the room and level of the home, but it increases energy efficiency as well. By using the two together, you can keep a room or house cool without running your electric bill up too high each month.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans work well to increase air circulation and keep the atmosphere from feeling stifled, especially during the hot summer months. It may be subtle, but the air flow they generate would be missed if the fan were not in operation. A ceiling fan may be kept on throughout the day and night, for it does not use an excessive amount of power. When it is hot outside, a ceiling fan will help to keep the air from feeling so heavy.

Room Air Conditioner

Although it is not as wide-reaching as a central unit, a room air conditioner can really cool off the room in which it is stationed. If the door is kept open, the cool air will seep out into other areas of the house. The one drawback of a room air conditioner unit is the energy use. Keeping it on all day and night really increase kilowatt use and will increase your monthly power bill.

Use the Two Together

When used alongside each other, a ceiling fan and a room air conditioning unit will keep more than just the one room cool, plus you will lower your energy bill. The air conditioner works to blow cool air into the home while the fan circulates it farther than the air conditioner could send it. Not only does the whole floor of the house benefit from this arrangement, but you do not have to keep the air conditioner on as long. Activate it for an hour and let the ceiling fan create the flow by its rotation that will distribute the cool air. With this method, your room air conditioner will have to be on less than half the time than it would without the fan.

Energy Costs

Energy costs are something that always seems to be going up no matter where you live. Without sacrificing the comfort of cool air during the hot months, you can drastically lower your energy bill by using the air conditioner less and the ceiling fan more. Fans consume far less energy than an air conditioner and they are more efficient at spreading the cool air around. Air conditioners are great for emitting super cool air into a room, but after that let the fan do its job and distribute that cool air to other rooms. Your house will stay cooler and you will save money on electricity.

Being energy conscious, you naturally want to do your part to decrease your consumption. Room air conditioners are very handy, especially when it is very hot, but they are notoriously inefficient. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, are designed to circulate whatever air is in the room, lowering the temperature in the process. With the two working together, cool air is better distributed, and energy costs are reduced because the air conditioner is not always on.