Using CFLs in a Ceiling Fan Light

If you're interested in energy efficiency and helping the environment, you may be interested to know that it's possible to install ceiling fan light CFL light bulbs in an outdoor ceiling fan.

Switching to CFLs

The light fixture contained on a ceiling fan is no different than a standard light fixture. Changing the type of light bulb you use is as simple as removing the standard bulb and replacing it with a new one of your choice.
Because CFL light bulbs are designed to fit in standard light sockets, there's no problem with adding them to a ceiling fan light. CFL bulbs are designed to be more energy efficient than regular bulbs, while giving consumers the advantages of a fluorescent light. A CFL or compact fluorescent light bulb is a popular replacement for regular incandescent bulbs.  

Longer Life

CFL lights tend to have a much longer life than incandescent lights, which is why many consumers want to add them to their ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are already very efficient, so adding CFL lights will make them even more efficient and helpful to the environment. Generally, CFLs use less energy, but keep in mind that they do cost more at the outset. However, you will probably get your costs back in energy savings.

You may have noticed that CFLs tend to give off a different spectrum of light than incandescent bulbs. As the technology improves, the light that CFLs give off is becoming more and more similar to an incandescent bulb. Actually, modern day CFL bulbs give off a soft light that is almost indistinguishable from traditional incandescent light bulbs.  

Energy Use

CFLs use about 2/3 less energy than regular light bulbs and emit less heat. The only drawback of this type of light bulb is that they contain a small amount of mercury, and must be properly disposed when it comes time to replace them.

There are many CFLs available that are designed specifically for ceiling fans. In the past, it was not recommended to use CFLs in ceiling fans because they had a tendency to break under the pressure of the vibrations caused by the fan. However, today there are many companies that sell CFL lights that can be used in ceiling fans. These light bulbs are an energy efficient alternative to other types of ceiling fan light bulbs.  

These lights come in a wide array of different sizes and prices. The type of bulb you purchase will depend on the size of your ceiling fan's light and the type of light bulb you're looking for. Not all CFLs for ceiling fans have the traditional curly look - many have an oval shape and can fit in a wide variety of different rule light fixtures.

If you're thinking of making the switch to CFL light bulbs, you can save a lot of money. This is especially true if you use your ceiling fan to improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. The combination of energy-efficient lighting with the cost-savings associated with using a ceiling fan may save you hundreds of dollar each year.