Using Channel Drains to Minimize Soil Damage

Channel drains are a crucial element in ensuring the landscape’s well-being. One of its main uses is to minimize soil damage. This can be achieved mainly through the minimization of puddles from rain and other excessive water which could ruin the soil. You definitely do not want pools of water to form over the soil in your garden or patio, especially if you are keen on growing plants and trees. Too much water will not only ruin the soil but also any growth in it.

Types of Channel Drains and Related Ideas

There are various types of channel drains which are used, depending on the area and the damage that the soil is likely to be exposed to. There are channel drains made from plastic or concrete. The latter type tends to be stronger and is used for more precarious areas where a lot of water needs to be regulated. Channel drains, simply put, are sort of trenches which will help the water to accumulate in one area and lead it to a safer area where it will not cause any damage. Inevitably, this will be away from any soil or landscaping. This system is especially important where floods and heavy rainfalls are common. There are channel drains which, apart from being used for practical purposes, can also serve a decorative function by looking like riverbeds, especially in gardens. Some decorative fittings are also available from specialized gardening stores. Curved channel drains also create a nice effect in the landscape. Channel drains can also lead to dry wells or catch basins. These are usually used in places where heavy downpours are common. In other basic settings, the channel drains will simply lead the water collected into gutters or down spouts.

Installing Channel Drains

A channel drain is installed in such a way that it will lead water away from certain areas and into a pipe, which is, in most cases, slightly underneath the level ground or soil. A cover along the top of the channel drain is often incorporated to help keep out any rubble, rubbish and other waste that may end up in it and cause blockages.

How Channel Drains Work

Any drainage system functions appropriately when it manages to relocate excess water away from places where it could cause damage. Soil is easily damaged when it is open to the elements without any control. Hence, channel drains can help the soil gain the right amount of water, but not too much. Some areas may be more prone to water accumulation due to the particular slope or incline that they feature. Channel drains are very important in such areas to better lead the water to less troublesome patches. In some places, you may need to dig trenches and install the channel drains slightly underneath the level in order to manage to guide the water more effectively. In any case, you will need to carry out a careful investigation and analysis of the way the water flows around the most important areas where soil is present and more importantly, where that soil is being used productively.