Using Climbing Tape Properly

What You'll Need
Climbing Tape

The joys of rock climbing can bring excitement to your life but it is important to know how to use climbing tape properly. Many people have the necessary skills to endure this sport but they sometimes forget the essentials that make it safe. To prevent falls and other accidents, your rock climbing tape can be very important. Climbing tape comes in a wide range of styles, colors and materials, and it can be used properly in many ways. Here are some ways to use climbing tape properly and to make your adventure safe:

Step One - Using Climbing Tape for Better Grip

This tape is strong, and when tightly wrapped, it provides a strong hold. This can help to prevent slipping and other problems you may have.If you are using regular shoes while climbing, one layer of climbing tape can help to provide additional grip. It is always best to use climbing shoes, but the climbing tape is inexpensive, therefore you can purchase tons of it.

Step Two - Using Climbing Tape as a Shoe Tightener

Climbing tape has very high tension, which makes it perfect to tighten up shoes that are too big. To gain more leverage while you climb, wrap the tape several times around the center of your foot. After this is done, wrap  the tape under the arch and over the top several times and tighten the tape. You will have a more secure climb with this technique.

Step Three - Using Climbing Tape to Prevent Finger Cuts

To avoid finger cuts or blisters, you can wrap a layer of tape around your fingers. Always put the tape on before climbing, since the tape does not take well to already blistered fingers. Make sure that you have an extra roll of tape on hand for this specific purpose.

Step Four - Using Climbing Tape to Help Equipment

Climbing tape can also be used to modify equipment. You can tape the carabiner to the end of a stick for extra reach, which can be used as a hook to pull down dangling rope or other equipment. Using the tape for reaching things is great.

Step Five - Marking Routes with Climbing Tape

The tape can be useful in marking routes that are quite difficult. Climbing tape can be used to show other climbers where holds are located. Many holds are hidden, and the tape, especially the colored ones, will show where they are. Climbing tape can also be used to spot locations, and points of interest to other climbers. The bright colored tapes can easily be seen in the moonlight, and it can help to prevent climbers from getting lost. 

When all is said and done, climbing tape can be used to secure equipment, shoes and to mark locations. There are many uses to climbing tape, and when the tape is used properly, it can be very beneficial for the lead climber and all of his or her followers.