Using Crackle Paint to Give Furniture an Antique Look

Crackle paint is a pretty faux decorative paint that can be used to decorate any type of material. It is often used as an accent in walls in bathrooms and sometimes in hallways. You can also use the crackle paint finish for furniture refinishing techniques. When you use this approach on furniture, you can give it a great antique look. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start your crackle project.

Picking the Base Coat

As you begin to consider the color palette for your project, you will want to pick a base coat that is complimentary to your current decor. The base coat is what shows through the crackle. Most people pick a dark base coat for these types of crackle projects.

Picking the Top Coat

The top coat will show your crackles. Pick a top coat that is several shades lighter than the base coat.

Paint Materials

The base coat is usually a latex material. A primer is used before the base coat is applied (usually white) and the crackle top coat is also a latex based paint. Do not forget the top shine or seal. This helps to preserve your crackle finish for the long haul.