Using Crayfish in your Aquaponics System

When you are setting up an aquarium with an aquaponics system, consider introducing crayfish. Though you may not think of these creatures as typical inhabitants of home aquariums, crayfish actually offer several beneficial qualities to add to your aquaponic system.

Where to Get Them

The first thing you need to be able to do is find the crayfish. Crayfish are typically found in Mississippi through Louisiana. If you were looking for the freshest crayfish, this would be the place to go. Of course, for those of us a tad less unadventurous, you can simply buy farm-raised crayfish. Many pet shops and fish specialty stores carry them.

The Benefits

Generally speaking, crayfish are very, very dirty. However this proves to be a benefit to all of plants that thrive in your hydroponic systems. There is mucus that their body’s secret when they molt and grow, which plants love and will absorb rapidly.

The second benefit is that they are considered “feeders.” This means that other fish can eat them, and still be edible themselves to humans.  

Things to Remember

Because crayfish are so dirty, you are going to need at least two filters to run in a normal aquarium. Secondly, if you are ordering grayfish online, be sure to order Marbled Crayfish as they are guaranteed to be free of diseases and germs.