Using Dampers with a Wood Burning Stove Using Dampers with a Wood Burning Stove

With the high price of energy, a good alternative for reducing your high energy bills may be to install a wood burning stove in your home, as they are a truly effective way for you to heat your home without all of the cost.

Damping a Wood Burning Stove

The preferred type of wood burning stove that you should consider is a fan forced wood burning stove. In order to get the most out of this type of wood burning stove you are also going to need well cured wood that is at least a year old, plenty of kindling, paper or cardboard and fireplace matches.

The reason why a fan forced type of wood burning stove is ideal is because you can turn your thermostat up to turn your fan on, and that will supply enough air for your fire. The fan will continue to run until you room reaches the desired temperature.

There is a switch located atop your fan that will allow you to turn the fan off as needed. This will stop the airflow to your fire if you believe that your fire is sufficient at any point. Underneath the fan you will find a round wheel resembling a star. This can be opened up in order to provide you with more air so that the fire will be easier to start.

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