Using Dark Colored Ceramic Tile Grout To Make a Statement

The color of ceramic tile grout that you use can make a big difference on the overall look of the floor when it is finished. Many people like to use a color that blends in with the tile and is light. However, you may want to consider using a darker color with your ceramic tile so that you can make a statement. Here are a few things to consider about using dark grout with ceramic tile.

Attention Grabbing

When you use a dark grout with your ceramic tile, you can significantly increase the attention-getting properties of the tile. Dark grout lines will jump out at you and will be a focal point of the room. Many people like to draw attention to their beautiful new tile floor and this is one way to do it. Instead of the floor blending in with the room, the dark grout lines will be pronounced and you will see each individual tile.


Another benefit of using dark grout is that it will be easier to keep looking good. With dark grout, you do not have to worry about it changing colors with dirt. It will still look the same after an extended period of time.