Using Decorative Colors for a Romantic Bathroom Using Decorative Colors for a Romantic Bathroom

A romantic bathroom gives you a place to get away from the daily grind of life. Depending on your personality and personal taste, there are several options for color choices for your room. Here are some color combinations that will help your room feel comfortable, and romantic.

1 - Black and White

A black and white bathroom can be very classy and romantic. Try a crisp white base color in your walls and floors. This color palette is neither feminine or masculine, making it a good choice for couples who have different tastes. You can add a black mural behind your tub for a focal point, or use black tiles for bordering your room or on the counter tops and floors. Add accessories in black, such as, decorative black vases, rugs, candles, baskets, or towels.

2 - Mango and Green

For a tropical feel, decorate your bedroom is mango orange, and lush greens. Incorporate green plants and trees, and wall decor with a Caribbean theme. With this color scheme, you can paint your ceiling a velvety mango shade to add a glow to your bathroom.

3 - Blue and Tan

Blue and tan give the ambiance of a seaside cottage by the ocean or a lake. Incorporating several shades of blue will give added depth to your bathroom. Bring blue into the room with your wall color, a shower curtain, candles, and rugs. Add beige accessories like soap dishes and towel holders to mirror the look of sand.

4 - Burgundy and Pink

Burgundy and soft pink give you the feel of a romantic honeymoon, reminiscent of rose petals and candles. Use the soft pink color as your base color for the room. Bathrooms are small areas and can be made look smaller if a dark color overwhelms it. Use Burgundy for accents, such as in a design in wallpaper on one wall, in rugs and accessories and in floral arrangements.

5 - Yellow and Orange

Think of spices for your color choices in this category, like paprika, mustard, and curry. These colors will give you a warm, romantic ambiance. Because of their earthy tones these colors can be mixed and matched in endless combinations.

6 - Purple and Violet or Lilac

For this color scheme, think of a an English cottage. Soft violet and lilac floral patterns with bold purple, will give your bathroom an old world, shabby look and feel. Use the violet or lilac on walls, and in floral features in the room, such as, your shower curtain and towels. Accent with bold purple in rugs and vases. Add some light-colored violet fringe or lace to your shower curtain and other fabric accessories for added romance.

7. Deep Red and Gold

This color combination works well for an Asian-themed bathroom. Paint your walls a rich red. Use red with a gold pattern for the shower curtain and linens. Accent the room with gold in your accessories, such as, picture frames, vases, tapestries and metal wall hangings.

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