Using Fertilizer on Your Rosemary Plants

With the right sun conditions, rosemary plants can survive indoors or out, in pots or in the ground. This hardy herb also doesn’t need much fertilizer – but the right fertilizer, at the right time, will ensure healthier plants year-round.

When To Fertilize

Rosemary plants do not grow at a consistent rate. Instead, they wait until spring to produce new branches and leaves. During the fall and winter, the rosemary plant “rests” to conserve its energy before growing new branches again in the spring.

Therefore, the best time to fertilize your rosemary plant is in early spring, just as it is starting to grow its new branches. This one feeding each year is usually all your rosemary plant needs. Rosemary plants kept in pots may need a second feeding in summer, because potting soil loses some nutrients each time you water.

Choosing And Using Your Fertilizer

Any all-purpose fertilizer will work for your rosemary. Most fertilizer comes either in powdered form, which you sprinkle around the base of your plants, or in liquid form, which is mixed with water. Whichever form you choose, simply follow the usage instructions on the package.