Using Foam as Garage Door Insulation

What You'll Need
Foam panels
Tape measure
Utility knife
Putty knife
Aluminum foil tape
Panel brackets

Garage doors needs garage door insulation although many people never even think about it. A great deal of heat can be lost through a metal door on a garage but effective insulation will help keep it in as well as lowering your energy bill. The easiest way to insulate a garage door is with foam panels. It’s a job you can do in an hour with basic tools in a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Measure the Panels

Your metal garage door will be made up of several panels of the same size. Count the number of panels and measure the interior size of each panel. This will tell you how many pieces of foam insulation you need and what size they need to be.

You’ll be able to buy foam garage door insulation at any hardware store. By shopping around, you can always find a good deal. You should use polystyrene or inject foam insulation panels as these will do the best job on your garage door.

Step 2 - Fitting the Panels

Measure the foam carefully and cut each piece of foam to size with your utility knife. Fit the garage door insulation into the panels, using a putty knife on the edges. Each piece of foam should be a very tight fit. If your garage door opens manually, you’ll need to cut the foam around the interior of the handle and lock, as well as any other hardware. Make sure the foam is flush with the door panels. If not, you might have trouble opening and closing the garage door.

To ensure the foam panels stay in place, as well as to lend an extra layer of insulation, tape around each piece of foam with aluminum foil tape.

Step 3 - Glue

Instead of using tape, you can glue the foam in place directly onto the garage door panels. Fit the foam before you apply the glue to ensure there’s no excess. Once the foam is in place with the glue, use panel brackets to keep the garage door insulation in place.

Test the garage door by opening and closing it. Unless your have insulation in the track, you should have no further problems. If the door sticks somewhere, you will need to remove some of the foam and try again.

Step 4 - Weatherstripping

Having put the foam in place, you can complete the insulation of your garage door with weatherstripping. Use around the edges of the garage door. The weatherstripping should have adhesive on one side. Press it in place along the bottom of the garage door to off complete garage door insulation. Ensure the base of the garage door is completely clean so the weather stripping adheres firmly.

With the garage door closed, place your hand around the edges and between the panels to check if any cold air is coming in. If you find an area where this is happening, use additional weatherstripping to close it off.