Using Glossy Concrete Stain on Concrete Patio

Once you have laid your new concrete patio, you will need to coat it so it resists moisture and stains, to protect its beauty and prevent cracks. Here is why, how and when to apply glossy concrete stain to your patio.

To Add Color and Shine

A one-step glossy concrete stain will bring out the color in a stamped concrete patio, and add highlights and shadow to its textured surface. Glossy stain also adds a reflective shine to concrete, much like the warm glow of a polished hardwood or tile floor.

To Protect the Surface

Glossy stains will coat the surface of your concrete patio, sealing out moisture from rain, fog, frost and ice. They also are effective stain-repellents, preventing oils, mild acids such as wine and vinegar, and other substances from penetrating the concrete surface.

How to Apply a Glossy Concrete Stain

Wait about 2 weeks until the concrete has cured and dried fully. Sweep the patio with a nylon bristle broom, and wash the concrete with a degreasing dish detergent mixed in warm water. Apply the combined stain and sealer over the patio with a long-handled paint roller, pressing firmly to spread the compound out in a thin layer. Brush on the stain and sealer at the edges with a handheld paint brush.