Using Gravel For a Rock Driveway Using Gravel For a Rock Driveway

Gravel is an economical choice to finish off a rock driveway, and it's available in array of colors and sizes. Gravel can be used to blend in with the natural environment, as a decorative piece, or to set off the colors in a garden. Laying gravel is relatively easy, and you can use your design skills to create a masterpiece.

Natural Stone Gravel

Ranging from white to browns to black, stones can be used either as a single color or mixed in with a number of colors. A white driveway with a black or brown border can be created, or if you want your rocks to blend in with the environment, consider using a mixture of dark colors.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is consistent in shape and can be used decoratively. It comes in natural colors, from white to brown. Use pea gravel to create circular stepping stone shapes, or use alternate colors to create the illusion of a stairway.


Fines are versatile in choice of color. They come in reds, blues, greens, lilacs, and more. You can design patterns on a driveway using fines. A diamond in the center with borders to compliment looks stunning. Alternatively, a checkerboard with white and black fines is a show stopper.

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