Using Gravity to Drain a Portable Dehumidifier

Using a portable dehumidifier requires that collected water be emptied frequently. Learn below some options for using gravity to continuously empty your portable dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Installation

To use gravity to drain your portable dehumidifier, it must be installed on a level surface at least 12 inches above the ground, on a sturdy table or shelf unit.

Drain Hose Method

Most portable dehumidifiers are equipped with a drain spigot. You can attach a small-diameter hose, the same size as a garden hose, to this spigot and run the hose outside, or down to your sump pump or HVAC drainage system. If your dehumidifier has no spigot, make a drainage pipe out of narrow PVC piping. Attach a 90-degree elbow pointing down from the drainage hole, add a length of vertical pipe and then another 90-degree elbow. Test your drain by partly filling the dehumidifier with water and running it for 30 minutes. When the drain path drains without leaks, glue the pipe pieces together with waterproof epoxy.

Condensate Pump Method

Install a condensate pump between your drainage system and the dehumidifier. Run hoses down to the pump and up to the drainage system. Place both the pump and the drainage system outlet below the dehumidifier water drain, to prevent flooding the dehumidifier.