Using Household Products to Kill Fire Ants

You can kill fire ants in various ways, but you may want to use environmentally friendly actions that will not damage other insects or your pets. Following are easy tips on how to kill fire ants with household products.

Tools and Equipment Needed

Depending on which method you choose, you may need any of the following supplies:

  • Laundry detergent or dish soap
  • Lye soap
  • Bath cleaner with bleach
  • Charcoal embers
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Block of ice 
  • Boiling water

Laundry Detergent or Dish Soap Method

Fire ants enter your home usually through the doors and window cracks. Prevent their entry. Mix the soap or detergent in three gallons of water and pour all over the window sills and any cracks visible in the walls. You can also try spraying this solution directly inside the house and repeat again in a few days. Pour suds directly on them to kill fire ants.

Lye soap is another effective method. Melt some soap and apply it directly on and around the mounds. But be very careful with safety precautions because lye can cause burns on contact.

The Bleach Method

This method is effective if you have hardwood floors. Spray the bath cleaner (the kind with bleach) directly on the ants or any place you see them entering your home. You will kill fire ants within seconds of spraying them. Clean the place well afterward.

The Charcoal Embers Method

Charcoal is another effective way to kill fire ants, if you find a mound outside. After grilling, take the burning coals and put them on top of the mound. The burning embers will seep into the ant mound and burn the ants until they die. You can also spray them with the bleach mixture the next day to kill off the remaining fire ants.

The Diatomaceous Earth Method

Diatomaceous earth is made up of shells of various small sea creatures. This is crushed into earth form and used effectively against specific insects. It is safe and environmentally friendly. Use of this earth leads to dehydration within 24 hours. You must use it cleverly so the fire ants do not detect it. You may mix it with the above soap method to avoid detection.

The Dry Ice or the Boiling Water Method

Shove a piece of dry hardened ice bar in the mound. Make sure to wear a pair of heavy work gloves to protect your hands. This will effectively kill the queen along with most of the ants.

With the boiling water method, you pour directly into the mound. The boiling water should kill the fire ants, the larvae and the food they have stored.