Using Hydro Blasting to Remove Concrete Using Hydro Blasting to Remove Concrete

What You'll Need
Power washer
Outdoor outlet or fuel
Extension cord
Yellow spray paint
Safety clothing

Hydro blasting is a technique commonly known as high pressure washing. Unlike other forms of high pressure cleaning, like abrasive sanding, hydro blasting uses only water. There are no chemicals or abrasive materials, like sand or glass beads. Anyone can use hydro blasting as an efficient way to clean away stains, mold and damaged mortar or concrete. As concrete ages, it begins to dry out and crack. In order to repair the concrete you need to clean it out of the area. The easiest way to get the job done is to use hydro blasting. This is not difficult to do, and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Inspect the Area

Prior to hydro blasting the concrete, it is important to take the time to inspect it. Look for all areas of damage in the concrete. Hydro blasting concrete can damage areas that are not already damaged, so this is very important. Look for weak areas, and those areas that have already started to crumble or pit. Use yellow spray paint to mark the areas to target with the hydro blasting gun. This will give you a target, so that you can have something to aim at.

Step 2 – Prepare the Hydro Blasting Machine

All hydro blasting machines work in the same way. What differs is the power source. They all have a container which needs to be filled with water. A pump hydro blasting machine  requires you to press a plunger to create the pressure needed to remove and restore concrete. You need to pump it multiple times through the process, in order to complete the job. Automatic hydro blasting machines can be electric or fuel. Electric machines plug into an outlet. The fuel-driven hydro blaster machine uses gasoline or diesel, and is powered by an engine. Once the water tank is full, close the lid tightly.

Step 3 – Be Safe

The 1 safety issue you may encounter is from the concrete. Pieces of concrete will be dislodged at a high rate of speed, and these bits of concrete can hurt you. Wear thick clothing, eye and face protection.

Step 4 – Hydro Blast the Concrete

You can now start to hydro blast the concrete. Make sure the hydro blast machine is plugged in and turn it on. You will feel the pressure build in the device. Pick where you will begin blasting the concrete. Hold the gun tight and then pull the trigger. The water will come out fast, so be prepared. Aim the stream of water directly at the concrete. It will begin to gradually chip away. Move the blast of water around the concrete. Change the direction of where the stream of water hits the concrete, in order to loosen bits of tough concrete. Once the concrete that you want to be removed is gone, move on to another area and repeat the process. Fill the container to keep the pressure high.

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