Using Lacquer Paint for Outdoor Projects

Using a lacquer paint product on your outdoor furniture will give you a great finish with plenty of durability. There are numerous outdoor projects where you can utilize lacquer. Here are just a few.

Wicker Furniture

Lacquer is a great finishing idea for wicker furniture. Since lacquer is strong and made to withstand extreme weather conditions, wicker furniture is a prime candidate for a lacquer coat. You can find lacquer in a variety of colors, and if you want to keep the beauty of the wicker you can find a clear low matte lacquer paint to use.

Metal Bistro Sets

Bistro sets are becoming a very popular lawn decoration that also serves a purpose. Not only does a bistro set look great, it provides additional seating and makes your yard more comfortable. Bistro sets are generally pretty inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a lacquer finish to protect them. Again, you can choose from virtually any color you can imagine and make it a glossy finish or a matte look.

Wooden Patio Swings

A wooden piece of furniture that sits outside all the time is exposed to the elements. This exposure can cause the wood to rot and weaken over time. Applying a lacquer finish can help stave this off. A clear matte finish will still show the beauty of the wood and won’t alter the color at all. It just adds another layer of protection to your swing.

Lacquer has been popular for over 80 years. It’s durable and can withstand all types of weather. No matter where you live, your outdoor furniture can benefit from a lacquer finish.