Using Laminate Counter Tops

A laminate counter top can be a wonderful addition to any kitchen remodeling project. Caring for your counter can simply be a matter of using care and regular cleaning.

Common Problems

Although laminate counter tops are generally very strong, it is possible to damage them without using proper protection.

Burns – Placing objects like hot pots and pans or casserole dishes can result in unsightly burns that damage and mar the surface of the counter top. Protect the counter by placing hot pads or trivets over the counter surface before placing hot objects down.

Scratches – Laminate counters can be easily scratched by knives or other objects that may cut the surface if used directly on the counter. Instead, use a cutting board or protective mat over the surface of the counter to protect it.

Water Damage – Another common problem with a laminate counter is over exposure to water. While casual water from occasional sprays and spills in the kitchen will not normally damage the counter, allowing large amounts of water to stand pooled on the surface can result in causing the surface of the laminate to warp and ripple. When the counter is exposed to water, quickly wipe it up and do not allow substantial amounts of water to accumulate.