Using Leveling Cement to Fix a Broken Patio

hand smoothing leveling concrete compound
What You'll Need
Cleaning broom
Dust pan
Cement spreading trowel
Water spray bottle
Heat Source

Leveling cement allows the sub-floor to be leveled at an even position before the installation or repair of any type of floor. Leveling cement determines the quality of the floor and is considered a significant step in different kinds of floor installations. It is readily available in the market in many forms. You can choose amongst pre-mixed to dry mixed leveling cement. Follow the simple steps described below and learn to use leveling cement to fix a broken patio.

Step 1 - Clean the Broken Area

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You will need to first clean the patio to remove any dirt, debris or grease. Wear a mask so that the dirt does not enter your lungs. Wear gloves to protect your hands. You can use a cleaning broom to clean the area. Collect the dirt in a dustpan. If the contaminants do not come off you can use a scrape or wire brush to remove them. Do not use any sort of cleaners with chemicals in them before you use leveling cement.

Step 2 - Heat the floor to Remove Moisture

After you have cleaned the patio, use the heat source to warm the floor to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure there is no dampness left in the floor. The heat source could be the normal heaters you have at home. Just make sure you can set the temperature according to your requirement. This needs to be done one day prior to fixing the broken patio. Make sure the temperature in the room is consistent throughout the 24 hours. If your patio is not covered and the temperature cannot be sustained, choose a sunny day for leveling cement. However, a very hot day is also not good so check your weather forecast. Do not apply leveling cement on a rainy or snowy day.

Step 3 - Application of leveling cement

Your next step would be application of leveling cement. Wear your gloves again, cement can be very irritating if it stays on the hands for too long. Use the cement spreading trowel to apply the leveling cement directly to the base of the patio. Before applying the leveling cement take hold of the water spray bottle and dampen the concrete. When applying leveling cement, make sure the layer you apply is not more than one inch. It is advisable to spread a quarter inch layer of leveling cement at a time. Let the first layer dry before applying the second layer and so on. If you apply thicker layers, give it more time to dry than normal layers.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Now that the level of the floor is the same as the rest, you can take the old broken tile off the patio. Replace the old tile with a new one and fix it properly with the help of the cement. Clean up your workplace, put away your tools and enjoy your patio with a brand new look.

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