Simple Home Strategies to Keep Mice Away

mouse in the kitchen
What You'll Need
Cotton balls
Peppermint essential oil
Moth balls

Mice are disgusting and dirty visitors, and when they come to your house, you want to do anything to get them to leaveand surprisingly mothballs can be one of a few simple, effective solutions for preventing this problem. But, because they are toxic to humans and pets, they should be used along with other preventative measures to really have the most impact with the least risk. Once the mice invade your home, you will want to use traps, poison, or possibly some natural methods to get rid of them, but the key is always to prevent them from entering your house in the first place. Here is a how-to for using mothballs and other strategies to keep mice far from your home.

Step 1 – Clean Your House and Cover All Food

The biggest reason mice come into your house in the first place is because they are in search of food. Keeping your house clean is the easiest way to prevent mice from making their way into the house. You must never leave any food on the counter and always wipe your counters down so that they are free of crumbs. Put any open food like cereal and rice in plastic, airtight containers. Everything must be protected to keep the mice from venturing into your house in the first place.

Step 2 – Use Peppermint Soaked Cotton Balls

Soak several cotton balls in peppermint extract and place them in high traffic areas around your house. These are non-toxic to pets and humans, but mice avoid them at all costs. They are perfect for safely deterring mice in any place that animals or children are regularly around. The peppermint fragrance can also be an added bonus in the room.

Step 3 – Place Moth Balls Around the House

moth balls as mouse repellant

Use moth balls in low traffic areas where they will not be bothered by children or pets. As we said before, they are toxic and should not be used anywhere that children and pets play regularly. Moth balls are great to place in empty basements or attics for example.

Step 4 – Plug Up Visible Holes

Walk around the exterior of your home and attempt to locate any visible holes mice might be entering through. If you find any, plug up them with caulk. The fewer entrances the mice have into your house, the less chance they will come. Mice can fit through very small spaces, some even as small as a dime, so be meticulous about finding entryways.

These are the best ways to prevent mice from entering your home. Remember that mice reproduce very quickly, so when you notice a mouse, be sure to take steps to rid your house of them immediately. If they do end up getting into your house, these prevention steps are still important and could keep the problem from worsening. The moth balls and peppermint soaked cotton balls will also still work to get them out the door.