Using Mulch on Your Carrots

The secret to growing carrots is to simply use the right procedure. Carrots are a well loved vegetable that can be grown in just about any area. One of the biggest needs of a carrot is moisture. They can not tolerate drought conditions at all and need the soil to be kept wet.

Mulch Carrots

The best way to keep the moisture in the ground and the carrots from drying out is to use a mulch. Spread out a layer of 2 to 4 inches of mulch along the rows of carrots to keep the soil moist. One common mistake is that the mulch will be placed as a general covering over the carrots also. Do not place the mulch on the carrots, but around them.

Organic Mulch

Carrots will not only thrive by keeping the soil moist, but love organic material to keep the soil rich in nutrients. Organic mulch will help to provide the nutrients needed. It is important not to work the mulch into the soil, but to just cover the ground. Organic material such a food scraps, and leaf mold are best for carrots.

Keep Fresh Mulch

When you allow the mulch to get old and begin to rot away, it brings bugs and pests into the picture. Keep the mulch fresh and turned over frequently in order to prevent pests and disease.