Using Plant Supports For Organic Vegetables Using Plant Supports For Organic Vegetables

You grow organic vegetables so they are as healthy and natural as possible. Choose from these equally organic plant supports for your organic vegetables, seeds and herbs.

Vine Supports

To hold up heavy vines such as tomatoes and cucumbers, make bamboo cage supports. Cut 5 bamboo wands to a length of 4 feet or longer and set them in a circle around each tomato plant. Braid cotton rope into strands 6 feet long to wind around the bamboo wands, and fasten them with galvanized steel staples. Draw the tomato plant stalks up and through the rope circles to provide your tomatoes with adequate sunlight. Single strands of cotton rope will hold bean and pea vines.

Arches and Trellises

Weave arches and trellises out of willow branches bent over a plywood frame to hold cucumbers, peppers and eggplant.

Pyramid Supports

A bamboo wand pyramid can hold berries, beans or peas in limited space. Put 2 rows of bamboo wands 60 inches high into the ground, 3 feet apart at their base. Leave 18 inches of space beside each wand in the row. Lean them toward each other and secure the tops to a stripped log with galvanized nails. Staple horizontal bamboo braces every 2 feet up from the ground.

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