Using Razor Blades to Clean a Glass Cooktop

A glass cooktop.

Adding a glass cooktop to your kitchen is incredibly popular. Cooktops are modern, stylish, and integrate into a theme with seamless perfection. Cleaning is also remarkably easy and the use of razor blades can be particularly effective in producing a gleaming cooktop.


Wipe down the cooktop using a soft sponge and use a liquid glass cleaner to help remove any built-up stains. Although the cleaner is unlikely to remove all of the soiling, it will help to loosen stubborn spillages before a razor blade is introduced.

Using the Razor Blade

Although you can wear gloves for protection, remember that razor blades are small and difficult to handle so use extreme caution

Hold an individual blade by the top center section so that the blade is facing directly down to the floor. Introduce the blade to the cooktop gently so it rests in a stationary position. Spray a little glass cleaner onto the surface of the cooktop and begin to move the blade backward and forward slowly covering an area of around an inch. As rhythm builds, begin to extend the area being covered by the blade and increase speed accordingly.

The glass cleaner will act as a lubricant to the blade and assist smooth movement. This is an effective means of preventing scratches from appearing on a cooktop. The blade will cut through stubborn stains and the cooktop can be wiped clean to provide a perfect finish.