Using Red in Home Decor Using Red in Home Decor

Red in home décor is an appealing color and it produces a visual impact in any room. How much red you use in your home depends on your tolerance for the color.

Are You in the Mood for Red?

Red is an emotionally charged color. It invokes feelings of energy, power, danger, passion, confidence, anger and war. The color red is a natural magnet to the human eye making it an ideal choice for advertising, sports teams and flags. Red is known as a stimulating color that can raise blood pressure, cause rapid breathing, increase appetite, and agitate young children. Valentine’s Day, Roses, and hearts all conjure up the image of red. If love is a color, it’s red.

Red in Home Décor

A red room is dramatic. It can make a small room feel warm and cozy. However, an all red room that is painted the wrong shade can look as if it’s a crime scene. You don’t want to create a ghastly blood-red living area. Instead, red is best used in other ways.

Shades of Red

Red comes in a multitude of shades such as tomato, orange-red, scarlet, crimson, burgundy, maroon, cranberry and ruby. Many more variations of red exist and they can have warm or cool tones which increases or decreases the color’s intensity.

The Red Style

Red can make a room look country by pairing it with white, blue or yellow. Gray, black and red are colors found in contemporary home décor. Stately, elegance is achieved by the use of red and it’s commonly used in Tuscan style decorating. Trim and molding is highlighted in period homes, when painted historically accurate red.   

Red up High

A red painted ceiling adds a bold statement to a living room. It is especially nice with white trim. Hints of red in the carpet and a red chair will tie the red ceiling together with the rest of the room.

One Red Wall

Red in home décor can be used as focal point for a collection of photographs. Paint one red wall in a room and keep the other walls and furnishings neutral. This application of red draws attention to framed pictures.

Splashes of Red in Home Décor

Red works best as an accent color or in combination with other hues. Drapes and curtains with prints and stripes are good for introducing red into your color scheme. Solid red pillows and throws give a room a punch of color. If you are more adventurous, try a red sofa or oversized upholstered chair in a room for more color without overdoing it.

Ways to Use Red in Home Décor

Incorporate a sweet, sophisticated palette to a girl’s bedroom with pale green walls and cranberry accents. Add the cranberry color by stenciling the walls at chair rail height with flowers. For a boy’s room, grey blue walls with dark red curtains and comforter provides a masculine haven. Kaki painted walls makes the perfect backdrop for additions of red in a room. Using red with other fruit colors amps up the volume of your home décor. Red, orange, yellow and traces of apple green brings excitement to a home. Calm down red by choosing a rosy hue along with light pinks and dabs of pale blue.




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