Using Rope Lights to Create Ambient Lighting at Home

Those who are looking for new kinds of ambient lighting in their homes can take a look at how LED rope lights can make interior spaces shine. These modern, innovative light sources can help to outfit many different kinds of interior designs while using less energy and presenting much less fire risk than traditional incandescent bulbs. It’s not a bad idea to take some time to think about how best to use these flexible, efficient light sources anywhere in a house or building.

What Is Rope Lighting?

Rope lights are a kind of light emitting diode or LED lights. Rope lights come in a plastic tube or ‘rope’ full of a sequence of tiny little lights that use low levels of electricity to create many small points of brilliance along the strand. Rope lights can differ in power and size.

Using Rope Lights in a Home

Interior decorators have many different options for utilizing rope lights to brighten up a space. Different kinds of strategies help to meet various needs in interior spaces that need some dressing up. Here are some top ideas for using rope lights in a building.

Molding and Trim

Some homeowners apply rope lights along a piece of molding or trim. Rope lights can be used as window dressing, decoration around doorways or along crown molding or baseboard areas.


One way to use rope lights in rooms is to string them around larger appliances or furniture installations. For example, stringing rope lights around a bed can create a great look in a bedroom, although they’ll probably need to be turned off when it’s time for a little shut-eye. Large installations provide contours where using rope lights can create sharp and attractive contrasts.

Stringing Rope Lights in a Drop Ceiling

Another use for rope lights is to string them along a drop ceiling. Here, rope lights can substitute for a more elaborate light fixture in the ceiling. Instead of traditional track lighting, rope lights can be easier to install and cheaper over the long term.

Low-light Spaces

Rope lights can be effective in a basement or other place that natural light can’t really get. Again, those who have unlit interior spaces are often looking for the lowest cost and most efficient lighting strategies. Rope LED lights are popular solution for these areas of a house, such as an interior hallway without any windows.


Some decorators choose to wrap rope lights around items like columns, to provide a different spiral look. Spiral rope lights can concentrate light a little better than a straight line, and they amp up the illumination needed for a specific room.