Using RTV Sealant in High Temperature Applications

RTV sealant, also known as room temperature vulcanizing sealant, is a sealer that you use for different applications and in high temperatures. You can use RTV sealant for general purpose construction or industrial applications.

RTV Sealant Uses and Advantages

RTV sealant has such a good adhesion characteristic that you can use it for sealing glass, ceramic, most wood types, painted and plastic surfaces and much more. RTV sealant can be used as a single component. It is also resistant to chemicals, oils, steam and UV. It contains flexible bonds that will not crack.

Temperature Tolerances

RTV heat sealants can tolerate temperatures from -35 degrees F up to 600 degrees F intermittent to 650 degrees F. For maintenance, it can be used in heating units. The RTV sealant for high temperatures is used to mainly bond, seal, insulate and are weatherproof. The electrical insulation properties of RTV sealant is super because it is unaffected by high temperatures. It bonds heating elements and is even used to make gaskets for steam irons! This is the best choice to use on chimneys and on confined areas. There are room temperature RTV sealants and high temperature RTV sealants. Whether you are doing indoor or outdoor projects, this sealant holds up in the hot and cold weather seasons.