Using Soda Blasting for Automotive Restoration Using Soda Blasting for Automotive Restoration

What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Work gloves
Work boots
Clean rags
Sodium bicarbonate
Abrasive blasting gun
Air compressor
Plastic sheets
Masking tape

The purpose of soda blasting is the same as sand blasting or bead blasting. Pressured air propels the media through a blasting gun at an object. Soda blasting, as well as the other techniques mentioned, is used to replace sanding. Soda blasting removes paint and burrs and shines a surface. Soda blasting can be used on metal, wood, plastic and event cement or tile. Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate as the media. This is more commonly known as baking soda. Using baking soda is not only safe for the environment but is also safe for the surface. It will not dent, ping or destroy the surface, but it will leave a residue. Using soda blasting to aid in car restoration is not a new practice. The following article will explain how to do it.

Step 1 – Prepare the Blasting Area

Soda blasting a car requires a large space in which to do it. Choose a wide open area and one where the background is something you don’t necessarily care about. If you are soda blasting in front of your garage then you may want to hang up plastic sheets or fabric to prevent the baking soda from removing the finish. Cover the windows and tires with plastic.

Step 2 – Your Safety

Soda blasting is relatively safe, but you do need to protect yourself. Always wear a sweater and jeans to prevent being burned or pelted with the baking soda pellets. Wear a hat, protective glasses and facemask as well to protect the rest of you. Though safe, you really should not swallow or inhale the baking soda.

Step 3 – Prepare the Soda Blasting Gun

In order to soda blast your car, you need to make sure everything is properly setup and connected. You will be using a blasting gun with tanks and an air compressor. The air compressor and gun have air valves on them. Make sure they are turned off. Install the hoses to the gun, compressor and tanks. Tighten them by hand and then use the wrench to tighten them further. Close all of the air valves and open the canisters. Fill them with the sodium bicarbonate to the “fill line” marked inside the canisters. Close the lid and then pull the ring. You will now have an airtight seal. Plug in the air compressor but do not turn it on just yet. Set the PSI to 60 for soda blasting a car.

Step 4 – The Process

Stand a foot away from the car and turn on the air compressor. Open the air valve on the nozzle of the gun. Aim it at the car and continuously move the stream of sodium bicarbonate around the surface. You will see the new finish appear before your eyes. Stop and check the condition and continue until satisfied with the finish. Sweep up the sodium bicarbonate and pick it up with a vacuum. Wash down the car with soap and water to remove the film.

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