Using Stone Wall Tile

Using stone wall tile is a good idea for a number of situations and projects. Stone wall tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, finishes and styles, and this makes them ideal for various uses.

Interior Uses

Stone wall tiles are popular for interior design as they make an ideal backdrop for decorating the walls of practically any room, from a living room to a bathroom. It is undoubtedly a great renovation which provides a totally new look to your room since the style and décor of your walls will greatly change. It is much better than simply changing the paint color. A more rustic or country look can be attained by using such stone wall tiles. Furthermore, stone wall tiles can be installed relatively easily too, as long as the walls are structurally secure, on plane, and consist of a proper substrate. There are various textures, finishes and colors of stone wall tiles to choose from which will make it easier to match them with your current colors featured in furniture or soft furnishings. Stone wall tiles also match well with practically any type of flooring you might have in the particular room.

Outdoor Uses

Stone wall tiles are also used outdoors for various projects, including decorating facades, porches, covered entrances, and the walls of a terrace or yard. Stone wall tiles provide a more luxurious setting to the outdoor area or wall instead of normal bricks or plainly painted walls. Furthermore they tend to be a more cost effective solution than installing natural stones. Another benefit is the fact that stone wall tiles require much less costs when it comes to installation and maintenance. They are therefore ideal to be used outdoors as they are resistant against adverse weather conditions such as rain and moisture. 

Borders and Skirting

Stone wall tiles are also used for making borders and skirting. These are ideal both for around the floor, that is at the very base of the walls, and also to create a more intricate design at certain points in the wall. For instance, one can use one type of stone wall tiles at the lower part of the wall, then install a narrow linear design of another style of stone tiles, and then continue the upper part of the wall with another feature, either by applying stone wall tiles matching the lower part, or else other types of finishes such as painting. Such borders create an even more appealing effect to a wall if they are matched up and coordinated well in terms of colors, designs and styles. Such borders are sometimes also applied around bookcases, units or picture frames, or else to create appealing edges and rims to doors and windows.

These are some of the main uses for stone wall tiles. There are certainly an attractive and rather cost efficient way of decorating and renovating a room, area or wall. Furthermore, the wide selection available on the market makes one spoilt for choice.