Using Titanium to Build Your Home Using Titanium to Build Your Home

Titanium is a strong corrosion resistant metal that can be found in home building and construction. The durability of titanium coupled with its low density makes it lightweight and easy to fabricate. Titanium costs more than aluminum and steel but it is designed to last almost forever with no maintenance requirement.

Titanium is gaining some popularity in its use as a building material, especially in high-end construction projects such as luxury homes. Titanium can be used in a home in much the same way that steel, aluminum, wood and other commonly used products are.

Titanium Roof Shingles

Titanium can be used as a building element in roofing shingles. The use of titanium makes the roof extremely durable and able to withstand all elements. The titanium roofs can come with warranties in excess of 50 years, which for most people constitutes their life in the home.

Titanium roof shingles are lighter than aluminum and steel and are as easy to install as asphalt shingles. A titanium roof does not require the same level of maintenance as an asphalt or fiberglass roof.

Titanium Frames

Metal framing is becoming more popular as an environmentally responsible alternative to wood. The use of titanium in the core framing of the house increases the strength of the studs and supports and makes the house better resistant to earthquakes and catastrophic events. Titanium frames will not snap and break in the same manner that a wood frame house would in a high wind store, for example.

Titanium is a good choice for those who like the durability of the metal and can afford the cost over wood and other building materials.

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