Using Twill Fabric for Interior Designs

Twill fabric is distinguished by its diagonal weave, which may be of several colors or even a single colored thread. Twill is generally a light fabric made of cotton or wool, and it has quite a good number of uses in home decoration. In fact, twill fabric is frequently used in upholstery simply because of its strong stain resistant properties, and this is especially so when the thread is a mixed one.

Twill Designs

The simplest type of twill weave is generally made of two threads moving in one direction that are crossed over by a single thread moving in the opposite direction. Thanks to this manufacturing process, twill weave can become a unique design and can be either simple or as complex as you like because more threads can be added. However, the best kind of twill weave is the one with the biggest thread count because this will add to the fabric’s strength. Moreover, wool and cotton twill are preferred over the other types of twill because these are more resilient to strain and stress. Furthermore, the higher the tread count, the thicker the fabric will be, and therefore, it will also provide better heat retention.


Twill fabric has been used in upholstery for a very long time, and it has always remained in fashion. In fact, using twill with a lot of patterns as an upholstery fabric is an ideal way to soften a room. Furthermore, since it is a strong and durable material, it will survive lots of stress and stains. Indeed, this is the best kind of material to use as a slip cover for your upholstery if you have pets in the house. In addition, twill fabric is such a versatile material that it can be used even for cushions so that everything is matching.


If you live in a cold environment, twill fabric made of a heavy weave is ideal because it will provide better insulation. Furthermore, twill fabric can be lined in combination with many other fabrics, bringing an even stronger splash of color in the room. Keep in mind that twill fabric can be patterned or in one shade of color and that it has a great range of colors to choose from.

Bedding Cover

Cotton twill fabric is ideal to be used as a bedding cover. Thanks to its great patterns, it can be matched up with curtains and carpets so that your room is decorated with a complete set of combined elements.


Twill is such a versatile material that it can also be used as a carpeting solution. This is the perfect kind of material if you have pets because it will resist stains and tears magnificently. However, for carpeting, you might want to go with the thickest weave possible for added strength.

These are the basic and most important things to know when trying to decorate your house with twill fabric. In fact, twill fits perfectly with the rustic and retro style of decoration, and it is not only versatile but also strong and stain resistant.