Using Vermiculite In Your Square Foot Gardening Soil

To get the best results from your square foot gardening, use a mixture of soil and additives like compost, vermiculite and peat moss. While compost and peat moss might be easy to find, you will need to search harder to find a quality source of vermiculite.

Adding Vermiculite to Your Square Foot Garden

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is used in gardening as a soil conditioner. It helps to maintain a loose soil structure, encouraging drainage, and helps root systems easily access nutrients and water. Add a medium to coarse grain vermiculite to your square foot garden.

Adding Nutrients to Soil

In addition to adding vermiculite, you will also need to enhance the fertility of your soil with nutrient additives. Your garden will get most of its nutrients from the compost that you select. The best composts are organic, like organic sea compost or generic organic garden compost. You can also mix manure in with your square foot garden soil to increase its fertility.