Using Your Fish Tank for Aquaponics

Using one’s fish tank for aquaponics is a practice that is growing in popularity as more people focus their attention on sustainable living and organic gardening. Aquaponics is the practice of cultivating marine organisms in a self-sustaining and recirculating marine environment. Most people use their fish tanks as an aquarium with the sole intent to house tropical or fresh water fish. Aquarium owners need to change the water in their aquariums at least once a week because of the buildup of fish waste and unwanted growth of algae.

Benefits of Aquaponics

Aquaponics virtually eliminates the need for water changes because it creates an environment wherein all of the available nutrients from the fish waste are utilized before the water becomes toxic or algae establishes itself. The nutrients in the fish waste are absorbed by plants or other organisms, purifying and oxygenating the water.

In a healthy aquaponics system, homeostasis is reached when one’s fish tank becomes a miniature marine environment that is self sustaining beyond normal feeding and filtering. Convert your fish tank into an aquaponics system by planting genuine marine plants in your fish tank, and maintaining an appropriate feeding schedule and balance of fish.