Using Your Whirlpool For Physical Therapy Using Your Whirlpool For Physical Therapy

Whirlpool tubs have been used for physical therapy for many years. You can use your home whirlpool tub to dissolve workaday aches and pains. Studies show that you may even be able to slow some progressive illnesses like arthritis as regular treatments make symptoms less painful.


Diabetes patients often suffer the effects of poor circulation, with extremities particularly vulnerable. A whirlpool tub can improve general circulation because of the warmth of the water and the action of the jets.


The warmth and gentle massage of a whirlpool bath will give pain relief to sufferers of arthritis. Regular sessions can improve the general condition and even slow down the advance of the disease by vigorous massage in short doses.

Recovery After Lengthy Illness

When patients are confined to bed for a long period of time, muscles can begin to atrophy and waste. A whirlpool bath can provide all-over body massage that will stimulate blood circulation and revitalize the muscles.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can be painful and are caused by a difficulty in circulation caused by collapsed valves. A whirlpool bath can be a great help by massaging the veins and moving the blood through them.

Muscle Strains

Again the warmth and directly applied massage can give great relief from muscle pain. After a day working in your garden you will find that a session in your whirlpool will ease strain you already feel. It will also relieve what is known as late onset soreness.

Menstrual Pains

Many women find that menstrual pains are eased by a whirlpool bath. It is often a greater relief not to have to rely on drugs to ease the pains


A relaxing session in your whirlpool will help ease insomnia. The massage brings about a sense of well-being that counteracts the inability to sleep.


Tension can be eased by massage and the whirlpool massage is so controllable that you can set the level to what you want. Some symptoms of stress are eased simply by the knowledge that relief is readily available.


Wounds after surgery or even bad accidents react very well to the cleansing action of a session of warm hydro-massage. The therapeutic effects can prevent atrophy of damaged flesh and skin by maintaining the suppleness and blood supply.  

It is safe to say that a whirlpool bath will help in any situation where circulation is the problem.  While it cannot be claimed as a cure-all you will be surprised how many everyday aches and pains respond. By working on the body a whirlpool can even help with depression.

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