Vacation Plant Watering Solutions

There are various vacation plant watering solutions, and we will be going over some of these methods. Vacation watering devices can be really expensive if you have a large number of plants. Also, advertised devices don’t always work as accurately as they should. As an alternative you can make use of inexpensive common methods to water your plants when you are on vacation. Once you find the method that works best for you then you are covered for every vacation.

Self-Water Pots

These can be bought in any garden store but as mentioned before they don’t come cheap, hence it is not a practical solution if you have a lot of plants to water. On the other hand, if you only have a few plants to take care of then it would be a good idea to invest in a few self-watering pots. All you have to do is put the plant into the pot and fill with water. Normally the pot would have a small cap on the side where you can fill it with water and then the water will be gradually released so that the plant is watered regularly.

The Plastic Bag Method

Very few people know that plants can survive in a closed environment such as in a plastic bag. A sealed environment helps the plants to hold moisture and humidity. This is a fairly easy method to use and it works. Before going on vacation seal all of your plants in individual plastic bags, making sure to use a big enough plastic bag so that the plastic doesn’t touch any leaves. The latter can be achieved by placing two or three sticks on which the plastic bag can rest. Water the plants thoroughly and tie the plastic bag. This method will keep your plants from dying for a maximum of one week; hence plan your vacation accordingly.

The Capillary Mat Solution

This is used for indoor plants only. Capillary mats are made form felt thus they can absorb a considerable amount of water. Capillary mats aren’t cheap but they aren’t that expensive either. They are a very good investment. Capillary mats can be bought from any garden store.

Place the capillary mat into your bathtub (make sure the drain is open) and turn on the faucet enough to create a constant drip. Now place the plants onto the capillary mat so that they can soak up the water trapped into the mat.

Watering by Using Natural Untreated Stone Bricks

Fold two bath towels lengthwise and put them in the bathtub. Place the bricks onto the towels (the more plants you have the more bricks you will have to use). Add lukewarm water until it reaches the top of the bricks, and then remove the saucers from underneath the plants, so that the plant can be set onto the bricks directly. The result is that the bricks will retain and absorb the moisture around them thus providing the plants with enough water to keep them alive until you come back from vacation.

As you can see there are various methods on how to water your plants while on vacation. Just select the best one and use it while you are on vacation.