Valances for Windows Valances for Windows

For anyone that does not know what a window valances are, they are the type of curtain that covers the upper part of a window. They are that decorative section that covers the brackets that hold up the rods or tracks that support the curtains or drapes. They are sometimes used together with blinds, drapes or shutters to supply layers and texture to a window. They are not actually curtains but act as window ornamentation accenting the window during the time the curtains are drawn. Valances may be made from any patterned or solid colored fabrics and are made in quite a few styles.

Troublesome Windows

Most windows, whether casual or formal, will look good with valances. Certain windows such as Palladium, Bay, Arched or even French doors may prove troublesome to select a design for. With an arched window for instance, the actual arch does not need dressing and the valance may be mounted below the arch.

A Balloon Valance

This valance takes its name from the ballooning look of the fabric. The material is doubled over then gathered near the top so that the rest of the material puffs out in a series of “balloons”.

A Pleated Valance

Normally made from a heavy fabric, this valance has pleats instead of balloons.

A Swag Valance

This is normally made from lighter material and drapes the length of the window in many cases at both ends. They may be shorter but they do have long tails. They hang from poles like an accordion or concertina and are pleated.

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