Valentine's Day Wedding

A Valentine’s Day wedding is truly romantic, but you can have a hearts and flowers or Valentine’s themed wedding on any day. If you do choose to get married on Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that it’s a popular wedding day, so you must make all of your bookings well in advance. Planning this theme is a great deal of fun, since the decorations can be simple, colors are already set, and everyone knows about Valentine’s Day.

For starters, you’ll want to choose a location, somewhere small and intimate, perhaps, or a place that embodies romance. Low lighting, lots of candles, and decorations will set the tone for your wedding. Many Valentine’s Day brides choose to incorporate red into their attire, whether it’s a red dress, a white dress with red accents, or simply red flowers. Pink, red, and white are the colors for the day, and lots of crepe paper, ribbon, and lace will also be involved.

If you are getting married on Valentine’s Day itself, you will want to include your guests in your celebration. Ask married couples to stand and speak about their love for one another. Play love songs and serve champagne and food that will fan the flames between long-wed couples. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and your non-single guests will want to celebrate the occasion for themselves, as well as celebrating your wedding.

Your wedding invitations should incorporate the wedding theme. Use red envelopes, heart-shaped invitations, lace, and ribbons to set the mood. You can also fill the envelopes with red, heart-shaped glitter or some other Valentine’s Day staple. If you’re a fan of tradition, you could include saying like “Be Mine” in your invitations and decorations. Personally, I think some traditional Valentine’s Day favors are cheesy, but at a wedding, it could be great fun.

Since this type of theme is in and of itself romantic, you will want your wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses to be romantic as well. Long, full skirts, velvet, lace, and other traditional fabrics are good choices. You also may find inspiration in classic movies or wedding dresses from the ‘50s. Of course you will want to redesign these dresses to mimic your personal style, maybe adding red accents.

Decorate the walls with cut-out hearts in red or pink. Surround them with crepe paper, lace, ribbon, even heart-shaped balloons. These simple decorations fit perfectly with the theme and will allow you to concentrate on the more difficult decisions, such as menus and flowers. Other Valentine’s Day decorations such as cupids with bows and arrows, hearts with arrows through them, or doves would also be beautiful. You can find plenty of heart-shaped chocolates, dishes, lace placemats, and other favors to decorate your tables and provide gifts for your guests.

You may want to have a heart-shaped cake, or one decorated with hearts, to carry out the theme. A traditional cake could be decorated with hearts, red roses, cupids, etc. You could even have several heart-shaped cakes made and placed on each individual table. The sky is the limit with this one, and there are tons of options to choose from. However, I wouldn’t recommend live doves – they’re messy.

This is one wedding theme that allows you to go all out with flowers. Although red roses are the traditional choice, they can be very expensive in February. Any red, pink, or white flowers will do, with other colors added for accents. You could use tulips, hydrangea, or freesia instead of roses. Baby’s breath is also delicate and romantic, so add it to your floral arrangements. The bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets could be decorated with tiny glitter hearts or other trinkets. You could do the same for boutonnières if the men don’t object.

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day or Hearts and Flowers wedding far in advance, hit the stores a year ahead of time to stock up on Valentine’s Day decorations. Otherwise, party stores are great for things like this, and you may be able to order their decorations online even if it’s months from Valentine’s Day.

Make sure you play romantic music during your reception. Soft love songs, strolling musicians, and candle-lit tables will give your guests a wedding and a Valentine’s Day to remember. No matter how you organize this type of wedding theme, you will definitely have a romantic and fun wedding that you will look back on with a smile.