Valley Rafter

A valley rafter is built similar to other rafters but it runs from a wall plate to the ridge along the valley of a roof. You can build a valley rafter very simply.

• Start by cutting the angles of the rafter’s tail ends as well as the vertical cuts that are needed at the rafter tails.
• Next you will need to use the wall plate to rest the rafters on. The valley rafter, tie beams and joists will move the weight of the roof to the walls.
• Now you can nail the rafters to the ridge beam. Make sure that the rafters connect at the top center at the ridge beam.
• You will now want to install the purlins to the rafters.
• Finally, prevent the rafters from spreading by using ceiling joists between the lower, opposite ends of the rafters.

Top Concern for Building a Valley Rafter

When building a valley rafter you need to make sure that your measurements, cuts, and angles are perfect. If not the weight of the roof won’t be positioned on the supports and walls correctly.