Enhance the Value of Your Home by Choosing the Right Siding Enhance the Value of Your Home by Choosing the Right Siding

There are many home improvements a homeowner can make, but few home improvements can pay for themselves the way a new siding job can. Installing siding on a home can relieve you of the hassle of constant painting, as well as providing greater curb appeal and even enhancing the resale value of the property.

Before making a final decision on your siding selection there are some important things you must first consider. Here is a list to help get you started and heading in the right direction:

  • Siding is a major purchase, however, and it is important to use care when choosing the right siding. There are a number of important factors to consider when making this major purchase, and a few of the most critical are listed below.
  • Before you start shopping for siding, be sure to calculate the square footage of the home on which the siding is to be installed. This square footage figure will help you more accurately calculate the cost of the job.
  • Think about the kind of siding you prefer to install. The least expensive siding options are aluminum siding and vinyl siding. In addition to their lower cost, these siding options will typically require less maintenance than other forms of siding.
  • For a more upscale choice, there is wood, shakes and clapboard siding. These siding options have more cachet in the marketplace, but they are also more expensive and more maintenance intensive than either vinyl or aluminum.
  • When deciding between wood and aluminum or vinyl, keep in mind that if you choose aluminum or vinyl the color cannot be changed without residing the house. Wood siding, on the other hand, can be repainted if a new color is desired.
  • If you need some ideas about what type of siding is best, be sure to consult home improvement magazines and guidebooks. In addition to the local newsstand, many home improvement centers stock these books and magazines, making it easier to do your research and your shopping in one place.
  • When shopping for siding, be sure to consider quality as well as price. Shopping by price alone could result in a substandard job that needs to be repeated in only a few years. When choosing wood siding, for instance, look for siding made with choice wood, wood that contains few knots and other imperfections. Be sure to ask about the warranties offered with each form of siding.
  • Be sure to shop around for the best prices on the siding you need. Get price estimates from several different suppliers, home centers and other sources. Shopping around will help you find the best quality and the best value.
  • Be sure to get several estimates before choosing a siding installer, and also be sure to read the contracts very carefully. When obtaining estimates it is important to confirm the quantity of siding needed to complete the job. When choosing a contractor it is important to be sure that contractor has experience installing the type of siding you are buying.
  • It is important as well to decide whether to purchase the materials directly or through the siding installer. When working with the larger vinyl and aluminum siding companies, it may be more cost effective to purchase the materials through the installer, since those large companies may enjoy more pricing power than the individual. Before making this decision, however, it is important to shop around and determine what price you can get on your own. Even if you ultimately decide to purchase materials through the installer, doing so may give you additional bargaining power.
  • When pricing siding, it is important to know that siding is usually measured and sold in squares, with a square being equal to 100 square feet. The price of siding varies quite a bit, but the typical range is between $60 and $200 per square, depending on the quality and the materials used.

There is no doubt that choosing the right siding can have a profound impact on the value of your home. We hope the above tips can help point you in the right direction when it comes to this important home improvement.

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