Vanishing Edge Pool Pros And Cons Vanishing Edge Pool Pros And Cons

Having a vanishing edge pool gives you the opportunity to allow swimmers to enjoy a good view from the pool.


  • Cost

Vanishing edge pools are very attractive, especially if you have a nice view for them to look over, but they are very expensive to install. Apart from creating the vanishing edge, many pool designers include waterfalls. These tend to be much more spectacular than most.

  • People

If money is no object the only other reason to think seriously before deciding to install this type of pool is to consider the nature of people who will be using it. A vanishing edge pool has only one unique feature--the vanishing edge. This edge usually is above a vertical drop of many feet and the challenge to look over the edge may be irresistible.  


  • Uniqueness

There are few designs to purchase so virtually every swimming pool with a vanishing edge is unique.

  • Size

Even if the pool is not large, its design will make it look bigger because the missing boundary draws the eye to the distance.

  • Status Symbol

Having a vanishing edge pool may not increase your social standing but will be an elegant addition to your property.


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